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Fevereiro 24, 2024
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March 3, 2024
Only 11 new students per year

Only 11 new students per year. Students can be refused entry into this program for any reason. This is the essential information missing from most sound programs presented today, and this in depth investigation unlocks the lineages, and creates an accurate timeline of Sound Therapy globally.

Metaphysics is everything missing from all sound healing programs presented in the West, and may very well be the most thorough historical investigation on the subject ever presented

Distinctions in how one absorbs information as a ‘soundworker’ should be with a kind of sapience. The time spent should be of the highest quality and should erase anything that cannot be accepted with certainty.

The West is saturated with all levels and degrees of programs, which are mainly “instrument based” more like a combination of ‘instrument’ lessons, how to play etc; or a buying scheme to induce you to purchase “sound tools.” Nearly no program sees the student as the ‘instrument’ or the ‘container’ which wisdom is poured into. Progress must be made directly, the indirect method is precarious with “two day certifications” or mastership. It’s ridiculous to even consider this method.

The reason for this is that the ‘western model’ is rather ‘young’ coupled with a narrow view of the subject, with many misconceptions. If the subject is examined from a global investigation, one finds a clear understanding of the sound healing “Arts and Practices” through an evolutionary process. Rich in methods not constricted by a narrow viewpoint with misconceptions. Learning and remembering are two different things, learning can be obtained with all forms of study from books to programs and retreats; but gaining ‘wisdom’ is an entirely different approach, where remembering is the preservation of what you just studied.

Our current Sonic Theology program is a top to bottom re-evaluation of our entire Metaphysics studies and is even a giant leap for us; much less the community of sound courses today.

Physicists, Ethnomusicologists, Philosophers, Historians, and Musicians are joined together creating a forum and faculty of 200 years of combined experience.

Sonic Theology features an examination of Western, Mid Eastern, and Far Eastern theoretical approaches to Sound Therapy. A 170,000 year analysis of the footprints of Sound Therapy, and beyond.

Sonic Theology is everything missing from all sound healing programs presented in the West, and may very well be the most thorough historical investigation on the subject ever presented.

It is also the only program that offers a re-examination of the history of Sound from a matrifocal perspective, showing the limitations of a biased patriarcal model of history on our understanding of the role of Sound, Trance and Dance in healing, spirituality, philosophy and the very basis of our human culture.

This program explains everything, to the point, that you will feel you have previously been taught nothing.

Discover what Pythagoras brought to Crotana from India, why is the House of Wisdom important, follow the thread from Gobustan to Anatolia, and discover ancient systems that are useful today. While Europe was under the grips of the Dark Ages, the Golden Chain of the Pythagorean philosophers extended into central Asia. Entire secretive organizations flourished who understood the curative ability that sound and music has on us.

This program explains everything, to the point, that you will feel you have previously been taught nothing. This story begins in pre-“his”tory, and looks at matriarchal and patriarchal lines. Unless YOU change, YOU cannot change others.

This is a serious academic examination, that has been cultivated over 4 decades of research, field studies, and direct experience. This program is limited to just 11 new students to insure an intimate learning environment and proper transmission. 


Mitch Nur, PhD

Mitch Nur, PhD is the founder, Senior Instructor, Spiritual Director, and Drup Shen Pa of 9ways Academia. He has spent nearly 5 decades as a Archaeomusicologist, Sacred Sound Researcher, Practitioner and Teacher. An authority on Sacred Sound instruments and applications as it pertains to ritual, ceremony, sound therapies, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal transformation.

Mallika Paritosh

Mallika Paritosh is a Philosophy scholar from the University of Buenos Aires, and graduated in Classical Piano and Music Education at Buenos Aires’ National Conservatory. She is also a meditation instructor, a Sound Therapist and a best-selling author.

Thomas Orr Anderson

Thomas Orr Anderson, M.A. is a Musician, Physicist, Inventor and Sound Therapist engaged in a lifelong exploration of sound, rhythm, movement, science and meditation. He has studied intensively in a variety of ancient healing arts including Qi Gong, Reiki and Acupressure.

Alexander Tannous

Alexandre Tannous is a musician, educator, composer, and ethnomusicologist. He holds four degrees in music theory, composition, music education and ethnomusicology. He has studied and taught at Columbia University and is a frequent guest-lecturer at universities, institutions, and museums. 

Zeny B. Ogrisseg

Zeny has been a Professional Yoga Educator for 20+ years conducting Teacher Trainings, classes, workshops and retreats in Classical Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Yogini, Chant Leader and Mystic of Sound, Zeny's life is dedicated to yoga and sacred music especially mantra, and vocal music.

Howard Barry Schatz

Howard Barry Schatz is a computer specialist, classically trained composer, and music theorist. He spent the last 40 years deciphering the riddles within monotheism’s oldest and most mysterious sacred text, the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation).


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